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Booking a flight ticket with your virtual assistant has been simpler and quicker

Genie Talk makes flight ticket booking as simple as it gets. Our revolutionary mobile app allows you to book your domestic and international flight ticket in as little as 3 steps! Genie is based on innovative artificial intelligence and it is designed to make your life simpler. We tie up with several service providers and [...]

Virtual Assistant will leads us to innovative future with genietalk

Life is so fast; the human race is barely able to catch up with hectic schedule. We are all multi-tasking to such an extent that we have a million thoughts crossing our neuron every second. The big mix up of tasks is a sure recipe for blunders that can cost us seriously. We all [...]

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GenieTalk Your Virtaul Assistant is definitely something you should consider

I am convinced that we really need only one app. One-app-for-everything and everything-in-one-app. And the best part is that GenieTalk has arrived as an all in one solutions. As technology is advanced enough to become a big part of our daily lives where every businessman owns one of the latest smartphones, supercar and a [...]

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Deep Learning has made great headway

Deep learning is often described as a type of AI where computers learn to do something without being programmed to do it. Its a subfield of machine learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain called artificial neural networks. Much like neurons in the brain, bits of code come [...]

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GenieTalks act as your Virtual Assistant App

"Do you keep forgetting the ‘important dates’? Or forgot to book the flight tickets for a family holiday? Or missed an important meet due to no booking of cab? Do you remember, last year you forgot your wife’s birthday, and she was very angry, and you had to pay a heavy compensation. Now don’t [...]

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GenieTalk understands what humans really wants – Your Virtual Assistant App

Forgot to book flight tickets for your family holiday? My advice is GenieTalk. Go for it! It’s a lot of fun, there is plenty of work for everyone but GenieTalk will work for you it’s the most amazing job ever…… right!! It doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in. Genie will plan your travel [...]

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