Reasons why you need Genie Talk in life

“If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes.”


Would one be rather wasting their time everyday on mundane activities or take on the world to make a difference? Be it a small-scale entrepreneur, high-level attorney or a super-busy doctor, everyone has some work/activity they dread to look forward to. It should not be this difficult to get help and support services. This is when Genie Talk came into existence. Genie Talk answers the question – at a time, when the world is moving at such fast pace, why should people still be stuck in their cluttered workday.


Genie Talk is a virtual assistant running on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Genie Talk is both conversational and transactional interface for the smooth service for user’s requirement. Once you know the need of a virtual assistant, here are some of the valid points as to why Genie Talk should be your go-to place for the specific need:


  1. Multiple services in a single platform.

Genie Talk covers all your needs from hotel reservations to travel bookings from bill payments to online shopping and tracking of deliveries. This works in your favour as you don’t need number of apps to clutter your phone for every single other purpose, when one assistive app can take care of every need.


  1. Seamless Conversation Experience

You won’t get lost in the Genie Talk for every other service. You can put in your query just as talking to another human, and the AI takes care to executing the given task and provide you with an instant reply in a convenient manner.


  1. Payment options available

With multiple tie-ups from Genie Talk to various services, not just gathering information even payments can be done with ease and efficiently.


  1. Comparing prices from various platforms

Let’s say you are interested in buying a particular product, Genie Talk can help in comparing prices of the same product or service across various platforms and get you the best deal. It gives you the ultimate choice of selection to avail that offer from the best avenue possible.


  1. Around the clock Availability

Genie Talk is available to its user at all times and places. As long as you have your phone and an active internet, Genie Talk will help you get across any work, you assign to it.


  1. Safe and secure transactions

Genie Talk does not compromise with your data and makes sure, there is no hassle while you make a payment via its platform. After you make your payment, you can just sit back and enjoy the availed services.


  1. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Even if you get stuck in any of the above steps or have a difficulty of any sorts, Genie Talk has a dedicated fleet of line at your service. Just drop in your query and it will be resolved as soon as possible.


So, it was because of the above reasons, it just seemed like a natural fit for a service like Genie Talk to exist.