Introduction of Artificial Intelligence into the field of Virtual Assistant

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Introduction of Artificial Intelligence into the field of Virtual Assistant

Artificial Intelligence is the skill of a computer system to review and think on it’s own. Part of activities carried out by human minds, like learning and complication handling, can even be completed by computers in current times. Even though not as exactly as we do, Artificial Intelligence stands for successfully figuring out human voice conversations and in advanced settings approach to systems, understanding high level data and self-driven cars. At times, the amount of work associated with AI does give a scare to the people about the threats of too much dependence on the technology.

A virtual assistant is an operating system program that can perform specific assignments and utility for an individual or a company. Latest development in Virtual Assistance is to use chatbot for the service of people. Artificial Intelligence in virtual Assistant is basically having a text chat with a software to carry out the basic tasks programmed into it efficiently, for the user.

Virtual assistants can get the work done by:

  1. Text (in an instant messaging app or an independent app of its own)
  2. Voice (like Siri for iPhone)
  3. By uploading pics (Samsung Galaxy S8 feature)

Virtual assistant interact with the user with the language input programmed into it (generally english). Many continually learn using artificial intelligence techniques including machine learning. There are number of services that can be provided by Virtual Assistants from various different fields. These keep on increasing on daily basis:

  1. Purchase things from various online marketplaces or estores
  2. Play videos, songs or TV shows from youtube, etc.
  3. Provide general information such as weather, set to do list, maintain an alarm, audio books etc.
  4. Provide customer care for FMCG companies and telecom industries etc.
  5. Book travel flights, movie tickets, hotel reservations etc.
  6. Services like Home repairs and such everyday activities

Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Assistant is for the upcoming future. It makes lives of it’s users hassle-free, and adds value to their life by providing its services at the tap of their fingertips. It all comes down to how clutterless the interface is and its speed of execution.

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