Scope of Virtual Assistance by Artificial Intelligence in Company Operations

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Scope of Virtual Assistance by Artificial Intelligence in Company Operations

Make a call to any customer-care service and you will be directed to a computerized customer self-service centre and then filtered out to talk to the human counterpart of it. Combining human language processing and artificial intelligence is making it easier for virtual assistants to solve almost all the queries with a 90 percent accuracy rate. A virtual assistant by artificial intelligence is a custom-made automated digital character, which provides services and information to a consumer’s queries. Companies prefer these automated services over maintaining and developing many customer care centres, as they can get maximum traction with minimum resources.

There are several other advantages to choosing virtual assistant by AI over human virtual assistant like, enhancement of customer care experience. It has been noted that artificial intelligence is more faster in registering a customer query and providing the accurate solution through its huge multiple database than a customer care executive. This accuracy and speed of response helps in brand image for establishing themselves as a consumer-centric firm, which enhances the brand marketing of the company and gives out return on investment more quicker. With such a high rise in the competition in various fields for every organization, customer retaining is the only solution to grow a consumer-base for any company. Hence, virtual assistance helps in customer relationship management field too. With the current growth of technology, even social media management, mobile devices feedbacks and website queries can be deployed to virtual assistance. Virtual assistance can also be furthermore used for communication in the internal fields of a firm between levels of employees in setting ups of meetings, transferring of files over the systems and allocation of work etc.

From all the above points, it’s safe to say Virtual assistants are here to stay due to it’s exceptionally well demand in the current times. It is also under constant updation and upgrading to improve consumer experience as far as possible.

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