Applications of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life


If you think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is only a thing that is found in Hollywood sci-fi movies and it’s far from application in real world, then you cannot be more wrong. There are many places in your real life that you are using AI in your daily life and you don’t probably even know about it. Here are some examples of AI in your everyday life:

*Video Games – Every kid’s go-to digital platform for fun and games in the last decade has been video games. Right from the then-famous Mario to today’s craze for Call Of Duty and other such games. The AI system behind these games are so high-end.  

 *Ecommerce prediction – The next time you go online window-shopping, you will see that product every other place in your web. This is no          magic, it’s just AI behind the scene pulling strings to make this happen. It is called as re-targeting and increases the chances of sales from the intended consumer.

*Online Customer Support – All big brands have a customer-centric support care number, which are handled by AI first and then if the grievance aren’t solved, then sent for manual correspondence. IVR helps the company save money and time, yet gets the work done efficiently.

*Music and Movie recommendations – Right from Netflix to YouTube, many start-ups have an AI service that recommends movies and music according to the viewer’s choice and taste. AI serves results that is tailored made just for your requests.

*Virtual Assistants – All operating systems have their own digital personal assistants to make user’s everyday much easier. From finding nearby restaurants to booking a cab, anything can be done through some taps on your fingertips. Even voice-recognition speech is available to make it more easy for everyone.

*Smart home automation – Having home’s doors and windows to all electronic devices at the tap of your fingertips does need some solid programming software and that is exactly what AI does. All the management, tracking and control of your complete property is run by AI system.

With so many products of AI around in your life, that you didn’t even notice much about.


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